Matters needing attention in the production of straws

Source: Zhejiang Junfa Daily Necessities Co., Ltd.Release time: 2021-09-18

Making of straws

Production method: After the plastic is melted, it is passed through an extrusion die, which is the mouthpiece, and then the machine extrudes the plastic like a syringe (this process is continuous, and there is a screw on the machine that will extrude at a certain speed), When the plastic is still softened, it is fed into the machine, directly molded, and then cut by the machine later, and it becomes the straws we see section by section.

Attention issues

The "three noes" straws may be processed from recycled waste plastics. Once exposed to high temperatures, they will produce toxic substances and endanger your health. There must be a problem with the quality of the "three noes" plastic straws. Because they are made of inferior or recycled plastics, pigments may be used to cover impurities. Once you use it to drink fruit juice or hot drinks, harmful substances will be dissolved, thereby causing harm to the human body.